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The Virtual Museum of Salerno Medical School is located in the Church of San Gregorio. Virtual and interactive reconstructions make the history of the oldest scientific university in Europe interesting and engaging.

The memory of the Salerno Medical School permeates the entire historic center, with the various locations where the graduation sessions took place (at the Duomo, in the Palatine Chapel), with the many monasteries that served as hospices for the sick and as “university clinics”, with the Giardino della Minerva which represent an example of the officinal herb gardens that are indispensable for preparing medicines.

The Virtual Museum of Salerno Medical School brings to life, with a virtual display, themes and characters from the story of the first Western University, built in Salerno in the 9th / 10th century, under Lombard rule.

The narration takes place with reconstructions of ancient medieval codes, which provide the iconographic equipment for the explanation, which takes place with animations and projections. Interactive techniques make the use more pleasant and attractive and suitable for all types of public. The realization saw the collaboration of local scholars and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Salerno.
Headquarters of the Museum, in a small square in the middle of Via dei Mercanti is the small Church of San Gregorio, presumably founded in the eleventh century and therefore contemporary with the heyday of the School, when the bishop and doctor Alfano I lived in Salerno and worked , translating the great Constantine the African from Greek and Arabic into Latin.

The current appearance of the Church – formerly with three naves – has a single nave surmounted by a barrel vault and marked on the sides by arches. The church is decorated on the outside with a ceramic work by the artist Enzo Bianco.

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